In Search of Yambo Ouloguem

In Search of Yambo Ouologuem is a fascinating book written by Christopher Wise about Yambo Ouologuem, the writer and author of Le Devoir de Violence. It was a controversial novel which, after publication, resulted in him leaving the African literary stage prematurely and abruptly because of allegations of plagiarism; and Ouloguem’s assertion that he was … Continue reading In Search of Yambo Ouloguem

Is the city not home?

Most urban Nigerians, wherever they find themselves in the country, the city is rarely ever considered home; even those who have lived nowhere else but one of the country’s large cities, will sheepishly admit to considering a town or village elsewhere in the country their real home. From the colonial era, when the large scale … Continue reading Is the city not home?


A praise song and dirge composed for Obafemi Awolowo, first premier of Nigeria’s western region, and one of the founders of the independent state. (We do not own the copyright to this content, and no ownership is implied by sharing it on here.) Continue reading Awolowo